Family History Can Be Truly Fascinating

Laterra Genealogy Services provides genealogy research and consulting backed by decades of experience in tracing family histories. The genealogist has been digging into the records of her ancestors for 20 years, and would be delighted to do the same for you.

She lives in Salisbury North Carolina where most of her ancestors have been, with some documented back into the 1700's and clues going back even further. She has the experience and access to consult original records for your family, too.

Do You Have a Family Tree Yet?

If you're just getting started as a family historian, you can get an excellent head start by spending just an hour with the genealogist. She can provide tips on using apps, software, and free internet record repositories. Together you can begin locating ancestors you may not know about yet. Researchers can find an amazing amount of family history records without leaving home, if you know where to look. You might be interested in the Family Tree Starter package.

North Carolina Records

If you know of ancestors in The Old North State, but you don't live here, the genealogist can do record lookups for you, almost anywhere in the state. And if you don't know what records to ask for, she can help you figure that out, too.

The nearest counties are Rowan, Cabarrus, and Mecklenburg, but her own research also takes her to Rutherford, Henderson, and Buncombe counties.

Research Projects

You might also be interested in hiring the genealogist for larger research projects, which involve formal research that produces detailed documentation and sources as well as a detailed research report. You can see samples of these projects here.

Solving a Brick Wall Problem

On a recent project for a client, I found the most wonderful record documenting a family. It was a deed that connected three generations. The grantors were the grandchildren of a widow. Although it didn't mention her children's names, the grandchildren could be grouped according to the surnames of her married daughters. Their married surnames were Davis, Covington, DeBarry, Mumford, and Adams. All of these families had descendants who were DNA matches to the client, and this record tied to them very nicely.

deed record of family
The heirs of Catherine McKinnon in a deed.

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