An Estate Sale of Seven Slaves

While researching estate records, I found these two documents that describe a group of negro slaves that were sold as part of the estate of Elizabeth Williams of Iredell County, North Carolina, in 1864.

The two records of interest here are the petition to the court requesting a partition sale and the record describing proceeds from the sale.

An excerpt from the first record gives names and ages of the seven slaves.

      as admr of E Williams has in his possession the following
      slaves [First?] solomon 24 years of age Flora 20 years old
      Cate 46 years old Mary 16 years old Amos 14 years Hial
      12 years Paris 4 years old

The second record (image and transcription below) lists the new owners and the prices they paid.

A Summary of the Sale of These Seven Negro Slaves

Shown here, the names of the enslaved persons, their ages, and their new owners' names:

    • Kate (or Cate), age 46, to Alexander Williams
    • Solomon, age 24, to J.W. Redman
    • Flora, age 20, to Francis Williams
    • Mary, age 16, to Amena Robeson
    • Amos, age 14, to Marandy Stephenson
    • Hial, age 12, to R. Speaks
    • Paris, age 4, with Kate to Alexander Williams

Estate sale of seven slaves
Estate Sale of Seven Negro Slaves, 1864

Transcription of the Sale List of the Negroes

      A list of the sale of the negroes of
      Elizabeth Williams sold on the 15th of
      Decr 1864 on a credit of six months
      for Bank Money by Jas W Williams &
      Theo Williams Admrs

      Names of Negroes                              Purchasers                              $ cts
      1st Woman Kate & child [Paris]         Alexr Williams                     $915.00
      Boy Sollamon                                     J. W. Redman                        $1511.00
      Girl Flora                                            Francis Williams                   $2040.00
          “    Mary                                         Amena Robeson                    $2338.00
      Boy Amos                                          Marandy Stephenson             $1315.00
          “    Hial                                           R Speaks                               $1400.00