Laterra Genealogy's Research Services

Thank you for your interest, but at this time, I am on sabbatical. Check back here in a few months to see if I am working again.

The services I offer include specific record lookups in my area, basic family history and family tree research, genealogical research to qualify for lineage societies, and very targeted research projects with formal research plans and reports. I can also work as a consultant to guide you through your research. See below for more details.

Record Lookups

When records reside in counties near me (within 50 miles of Salisbury, NC), you can hire me to visit the repository and obtain a copy (or transcription) of the record you need. This might be a birth, marriage, death, or land record.

For locations further from me, contact me for an estimate.

When you don't know the location of a record, contact me to discuss the details and what records you are looking for. I may be able to incorporate your record search with other research I'm doing for a reasonable fee.

Lineage Society Applications

If you're interested in joining a society like the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (The DAR) for example, you need to be able to prove that you are descended from a qualifying ancestor. Whatever society it is, I can help you to identify your ancestor or to prove your relationship to a suspected ancestor. I can assist you with researching your line, gathering the documents you need for applying, and in some cases I can fill out the application papers for you, if you like.

Research Services

Research services can be arranged by the hour, with a 10 hour minimum. This can include locating original records that you require or it can be a research project with a specific objective.

Research time is purchased in blocks, in advance. A detailed research report will be provided, and may include copies of records, along with recommendations for further research. You would then have the option of stopping at this point or purchasing additional hours to take the research further. It all depends on your goals!

For new customers, the first hour is free and is used for reviewing background information and discussing objectives and research goals.

Websites for Genealogists

If you're a genealogist in need of a website, contact me for information on how I can help you get your website going, inexpensively. This is one of the ways I can give back, by supporting my fellow professionals.

How To Get Started

If you would like to talk about how I can help you, send me a note from the contact page. Provide your email or phone number, the best time to get in touch, and a brief description of your project goals.

It might be helpful for you look at the examples of my work, or check out my guide to Working with a Genealogist.