A Runaway Slave Named Maylor, Age 15

In my research today I noticed an advertisement in The Greensboro Patriot, Greensboro, North Carolina, dated 27 June 1855, about a runaway slave named Maylor.

Maylor, was described as being a negro girl, about fifteen years old, yellow complexion, who was raised by Mr. James Young of Rockingham county. The rumors were that she had been lured by persons unknown to Mississippi. She had been missing since October 1854.

It appears from the ad, which was placed on June 26, 1855, that the new owner was Lewis Davis who purchased Maylor from either Mr. James Young or Mr. John Young in Rockingham county. Mr. Thomas K. Moss of Boydton, Virginia, was also mentioned.

Runaway slave called Maylor
Runaway Slave: a girl called Maylor age 15

Transcription of the Advertisement for Return of Runaway Slave Maylor

      $500 REWARD. - Ran away from the
      subscriber in October 1854, my negro
      girl, Maylor, about 15 years of age: complexion
      yellow. She was raised by Mr. James Young, in
      Rockingham county, N.C. She was last seen at
      Mr. John Young’s in said county. I have heard
      she has been run off by some person to Mississippi.
      If she has I will give the above amount for her ap-
      prehension, together for the person that decoyed
      her off, with evidence sufficient to convict him;
      or I will give $30 dollars for her delivery to Mr.
      Thomas K. Moss at Boydton, Va. ; or $20 for her
      confinement in any safe jail in N. C., so I can get
      her again.                    LEWIS DAVIS.
         June 26, 1855.                    839 tf.

Source citation:

“$500 Reward,” The Greensboro Patriot, 27 June 1855, p. 4, col. 2; image copy, Newspapers.com (http://newspapers.com : accessed 12 March 2017), runaway slave, Maylor.